Buying with F.E. Real Estate

The team of F.E. Real Estate will guide you in finding your dreamhouse. 

Finding the perfect house can be quite a challenge. Our specialized team makes buying a home a lot easier because of the knowledge and experience we have in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

We will make it happen! You can count on us not only when you find your dreamhouse, but also during the viewings. The negotiation is done according to a strategy where we find the balance between a real price and not letting your dreamhouse go.  We look forward to create a successful cooperation with you to buy your dreamhouse and during the legal process, you can count our expertise.

Why choose F.E. Real Estate?  
-F.E. Real Estate help expats with buying and selling.

-Our core beliefs are service and result oriented where we also use our problem solving to keep high quality services in order to keep our clients satisfied.

-F.E. Real Estates agents work in a small team where we are well known in the competitive market offering a wider knowledge about Amsterdam. We understand!

- We are able to contact you via Direct call, Email or Whatsapp in case you have any questions (where a member of the team would be available to assist you in your enquiry).

- We are asking an honest price for our services. Because we are a small team, we don’t have to calculate high costs for our clients. That’s how you can save money for more important things. 

6 steps to buying your house:
Step 1 Find your dreamhous

Step 2 View the propertys 

Step 3 Negotiate and offer

Step 4 Sign the agreement

Step 5 Financing a house

Step 6 To the notary

Step 1.
F.E Real Estate thinks with you about what kind of house suits you. We do this by means of a form or a personal interview.. Here we get more information, such as the price range that suits your budget and the desired location. For example should it be an apartment in the city center with all amenities nearby or would you rather live in a house in a nice and quite area. These are questions to ensure that we find a house / property that will meet your needs.

Based on this information we create a search profile. We schedule the viewings for you and we will keep you informed through the entire process.

Step 2.
Together with F.E Real Estate you will do the viewings. This is an exciting moment!
If necessary, we advise you to have a structural examination carried out by a specialist. Because as a buyer you are obliged to identify all visible defects for the purchase. If you do not do that, then they will be for your own account later on. The selling party, on the other hand, is obliged to tell the hidden defects. We will inform further about a number of practical issues such as; how much interest is there for the house and how the bidding will take place.

Step 3.
Found a house what meets your needs? We will recommend a offer that is based on all information known about the property. At all times you are always involved in the process, we inform you about the state of affairs and relevant information that are important, such as:

- Apartment law

- Owners’ Association (VvE)

- Cooling period purchase

- Notary involvement

- Buyer costs

Step 4.
Offer accepted? Great The next step is the purchase agreement. In a purchase agreement all details are mentioned related to the property:

- Buyer's details

- Purchase price

- Resolutive conditions

- Date of delivery

We will check everything thoroughly for you. Is the purchase amount correct? Is the delivery date stated correctly? Therse are listed: the resolutive conditions and the list of items that the seller leaves behind in the house. The movable property. If that's all right, then both parties can put their signature and you'll all receive a copy.

Step 5.
Most people already have a reasonable view of their spending options before making an offer. But only after signing the purchase agreement can you arrange the finances.

Based on the purchase price, refurbishment and costs of the buyer, the mortgage is in most cases combined with a personal contribution.

During the preparation of the mortgage application, we need all information from you for the financing. An independent mortgage advisor or consultant proposed by us will discuss with you the mortgage that suits you best.

Step 6.
During this exciting period, all documents are at the notary who ensures the correct handling. The delivery will take place by appointment, again the purchasing agent will accompany you. The delivery deed ensures that the property is transferred from the seller to the buyer. A few days before this actually takes place you will receive the copies of all documents for verification.

-For the transfer, one more time to the house for the final check

-Meter readings

After you go to the notary and sign the deed of delivery and mortgage deed. The notary then ensures that all deeds are registered in the Register of the Registry (register van het Kadaster

The notary specifies all payments and costs in a bill of settlement. You receive the keys and it is time to toast. Congratulations on your new home!

After service:
After the purchase of the house F.E. Real Estate is also ready to assist you for any questions that will take place afterwards.

You can contact us on 020 210 10 95/06 151 056 58 from Monday to Friday between 09.00-18.00 and Saturday from 10.00-14.00 or send us for more information an e-mail to: